Bearstronaut - Broken Handclaps (2009)

Bearstronaut is a Synth-Pop Dance-Rock band from Lowell, MA who only want to make you move. Bearstronaut has nothing to do with large mammals or interstellar space. Bearstronaut is four guys who can't totally agree on anything (except Bowie), but come together and try to make something they all consider "dance."

Part New-Wave, part Britpop, part Electro, but for the most part it's pop music. Bearstronaut, like the name suggests, have an identity crisis. Bearstronaut doesn't know what it is, but as long as there is four-on-the-floor, they go with it.

Formed in Late 2007, Bearstronaut has played many clubs in the Boston Area and earned the 2008 Boston Music Award for "College Band of the Year" while having played all over New England with such acts as Health, Japandroids, The Chinese Stars, Pictureplane, Body Language, and Tigercity.

Bearstronaut's debut album is difficult to catagorize. It's best described as punk-paced electro fused rock and is unlike much of the current "coŠ¾kie cutter" alternative rock. The music is well constructed with plenty of hooks to grab you and lots of surprises. The lyrics are of ordinary subjects but twisted around to create some unusual imagery. Definately a "must hear"!

Broken Handclaps
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1. Muckraking
2. Encyclopedia
3. Nursery Rhyme Scheme
4. Wire
5. Shere Kahn
6. Pink Ladies & Sassy Babies
7. Colonial Party
8. Frauline

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Massachusetts, United States
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