Rooftops - A Forest of Polarity (2009)

In the far northwest corner of Washington State is the bayside city of Bellingham, the home of Rooftops. With Drew Fitchette, Mark Detrick, and Jonathan McIntyre on guitars and Wendelin Wohlgemuth on Drums, Rooftops craft intricate, mathy pop rock with reticular instrumentation and sparse vocals.  Formed in the early summer of 2007, Drew, Mark and Wendelin set out with the unifying goal of writing music that they enjoyed playing, as well as listening to. As the band continued to hone their sound, they eventually found their missing piece in longtime friend Jonathan McIntyre in the summer of 2008. With the addition of Jonathan, the band added a third guitar and awoke three accompanying voices, cementing their evolution from instrumental movement to song. No strangers to the NW underground music scene, the members of Rooftops spent their formative years playing in regionally influential bands such as In Praise of Folly, Lands Farther East, Snow Cuts Glass, and Treasures. Members of Rooftops are also currently involved in other projects, including The Braille Tapes, The Ghost and the Grace, Moons and Goochers, and Conlan, Iris, and Andrew, as well as various solo projects. Always adaptive, the band continued hone their sound; constantly playing shows and recording countless basement demos until finally finding a home on Clickpop Records in late 2008. Rooftops are currently finishing production of their first full-length release, tentatively titled "A FOREST OF POLARITY", at Bayside Recording Studio in Bellingham. "A FOREST OF POLARITY" is being released by Clickpop. RIYL: Minus The Bear, Don Caballero, Battles

A Forest of Polarity
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1. Fiery Atlas
2. A Stray Life
3. I Fast Early
4. Reality? As If
5. Ya! Real Fist
6. Teary Fails
7. A Layer Fits
8. Leafy Stair
9. Ear Falsity
10. Sea Frailty

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Clickpop Records
Bellingham, Washington, United States
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