Machree - White Out (EP) (2009)

Sometimes the easiest way to progress musically is to pull together influences. When they range from the most minimalist of shoe-gazing instrumentals, to the complexity of technical theorists; from ambient sleepscapes to sing-in-your-car belt-alongs, something interesting is bound to come about.

And when you have a band of 6 people, hailing from almost complete polar opposites as far as previous musical endeavors, you're bound to get something that will at least be worth an initial listen. Being from St. Louis, where hometown pride is a big part of every inhabitant's life, Machree definitely strives for an intense integrity that matches the "go team!" type of mentality their home city shares.

A generous touring experience spans the ranks of the band, and there is no decrease in interest to see even more of the country and play to unfamiliar crowds.

"With a lush, atmospheric quality that permeates their progressive post-hardcore, Machree balance each song somewhere between epic and intimate."

-Alternative Press

"What Machree have produced is an electric and forceful fusion of progressive post-hardcore with a definitive ambiance...They partner tempo-shifting metal with melodramatic soft-rock to create a truly unique sound. The ability to combine what would normally be genre-defining elements has allowed Machree to stand out."

"The sextet takes the six-stringed dexterity of metal, the constantly shifting tempos of math-rock and the reverb-laden meandering favored by space-rock/Radiohead acolytes and ties it all together with to-the-hilt vocals."

-The Riverfront Times

White Out
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1. Meteo
2. Send the Flood
3. P. Crusher
4. Thalassa
5. Interlude
6. Gewurztraminer
7. Half Mast

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United States
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