Various Artists - Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Gestammelorchester, Squarehead (Split) (2009)

My friends brought to our small town three unknown bands. I decide to share their music with you. Here are some photos from concert and brief review of their music.

First was Squarehead, one man band from Ireland, Dublin. Roy plays acoustic lo-fi, minimalistic but beautiful. Fake Blood is a really nice song!

Next was Gestammelorchester, noise rock band from Berlin, Germany. Actually, I cannot describe the style of their music. Just listen :)

The last was Hands Up Who Wants To Die, hardcore band from Dublin, Ireland. I must said their vocalist is really crazy, but for hardcore band it is normal :)

Also there was two local bands for support - Oh, deer! (hardcore screamo) and My Sister Spectre (grunge / post punk). No photo, no music :) Maybe in future...

In conclusion, I want to say thanks to Roy (Squarehead) for kindly providing the cdr to me for free. Keep up the good deeds!

P.S. Cheers! ;)

Various Artists
Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Gestammelorchester, Squarehead (Split)
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1. Hands Up Who Wants To Die - 2012 (A Jurassic Odyssey)
2. Hands Up Who Wants To Die - Fish and Rashers
3. Hands Up Who Wants To Die - Nothing Added But Boom
4. Gestammelorchester - Coins
5. Gestammelorchester - Aus Bei Mit Nach Seit Von Zu
6. Gestammelorchester - Hesitate
7. Squarehead - Aerodynamical Artistic Man
8. Squarehead - Fake Blood
9. Squarehead - Tasty Fruit

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Ireland, Germany
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