American Me - Siberian Nightmare Machine (2009)

"American Me plays an arsenal of loud,pissed,violent hardcore. Coming together as a 5 piece from former members of It Prevails and Hatchet Diaries, AM's sonically induced form of devastating music comes from inspiration of all aspects of our lives... Everything from social values to personal issues that the regular 9-5 person experiences. We come from a blue collared up bringing where one would expect nothing but hard work and being as real as it gets to achieve success. Give us a listen. Hear our aggression.This is our angle of passionate expression through our words and music." (This was taken from their personal myspace page.)

Siberian Nightmare Machine is a groove / beatdown hardcore in it's pure entity! Enjoy, my hardcore friends :)

American Me
Siberian Nightmare Machine
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1. Human Traffiker
2. Death Squads
3. Infected
4. Die Faster
5. The Fire
6. Bastardmaker
7. Son Of A Machinegun Pt. 2
8. Whiteout
9. Demoralizer
10. Blot Out The Sun

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Rise Records
Portland, Oregon, United States
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