Black Cab - Call Signs (2009)

I was waiting for this album to leak almost three month from release date! The third album from Melbourne’s Black Cab, ‘Call Signs’ incorporates an original blend of 70s rock, 80s post-punk, proto electronic dance beats. With shades of Cold War tension and undertones of political intrigue, the album possesses an anxious and exciting energy that holds you captive from start to finish.

Black Cab
Call Signs
Album art: 
Release date: 
256 kbps

1. Call Signs
2. Church In Berlin
3. Rescue
4. Fates
5. Black Angel
6. Dresden Dynamo
7. Lost & Falling
8. Sonnenallee
9. Wires
10. Ghost Anthems
11. After The War
12. Wires 2
13. Sword & Shield
14. Black Angel - Single Mix
15. Black Angel - Judee Inro Mix
16. Rescue - Slightly Longer Mix

Music label: 
Interstate 40 (Aust), Stickman Records (Europe)
Melbourne, Australia
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