Dead by Sunrise - Out Of Ashes (2009)

Out of Ashes is a beautifully crafted album which skillfully takes the listener on a whirlwind trip through Bennington’s remarkable trials of recent life. He lays bare his deepest, most personal moments from when he hit rock-bottom, through his pain and suffering and to his discovery of new love and the process of healing. Chester Bennington, with the help of his band mates, has managed to create a completely new sound, a sound very different from Linkin Park – something that is often very difficult to achieve when starting a new project. It really is refreshing to hear such honest lyrics which don’t have to be deciphered through daftly constructed metaphors. The meaning and message of each track is clear yet the listener still has room for their own personal interpretation. To any fan of pure honest music, whether you like Linkin Park or not, I suggest you pick up this album on October 13th, I know I will.

Dead by Sunrise
Out Of Ashes
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. Fire
2. Crawl Back In
3. Too Late
4. Inside Of Me
5. Let Down
6. Give Me Your Name
7. My Suffering
8. Condemned
9. Into You
10. End Of The World
11. Walking In Circles
12. In The Darkness
13. Morning After (Japan Bonus Track)

Music label: 
Warner Brothers Records
California, United States
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