The Fall of Troy - In the Unlikely Event (2009)

On February 28, 2009, The Fall of Troy confirmed on their website and their MySpace page that they were entering the studio that week with producer Terry Date to record the follow-up to Manipulator, which will include "a dozen or so songs" and should be in stores this summer. It was revealed on April 30, 2009 that Rody Walker, lead vocalist for the progressive metal band, Protest The Hero, would make a guest appearance on the record. It is stated on their official website that the album will not be released until fall of 2009.

The Fall of Troy will release their fourth studio album, In the Unlikely Event, on October 6, 2009. 12 tracks have been confirmed for the album. The band stated that on August 27, 2009, they would release a studio recorded version of one of the new songs on the album; as promised, "Panic Attack!" was released through their mailing list. Pre-orders for the new album also went up on August 27th and can be made through IT was announce through the Merchnow newsletter on 09/25 that Deluxe Versions of "In The Unlikely Event" are sold out. However, Merchnow will run a raffle. All pre-orders of the albums are entries and 10 people will win a free upgrade to the deluxe version.

P.S. Spectre

The Fall of Troy
In the Unlikely Event
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320 kbps

1. Panic Attack!!
2. Straight-Jacket Keelhauled
3. Battleship Graveyard
4. A Classic Case of Transference
5. Single
6. Empty the Clip, the King Has Been Slain, Long Live the Queen!
7. People and Their Lives
8. Dirty Pillow Talk
9. Nobody's Perfect
10. Webs
11. Walk of Fame
12. Nature Vs. Nurture

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Equal Vision Records
United States
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