Jesaiah - Et Tu Hope (2009)

Debut album from Swedish metalhardcore band JESAIAH. You can tell that they have matured since their start in 2006-2007, just comparing the EP "Building Bunkers, Burning Bridges" to "Et Tu, Hope" is a clear sign of how much they have evolved in a music sense. The album is well-produced and has a sound I haven't heard in a long time by being so energy rich yet maintaining its raw beauty. The beauty is created when the "post-rock" breaks out in the metal songs. You can't see it coming, but when it comes; it grabs hold of you and your perception of Swedish metal will never be the same again.

Jesaiah's "Et Tu, Hope" makes clear distance from today's Swedish metal and hardcore bands, as they have created an album that is heavy but same time it keep its delightful sound with a mix of lyrics from the dark side of life. Comes in a real nice eko packaging with a very well designed layout and artwork.

The album was produced by Björn Olszewski (Meleeh) and recorded by Magnus Björk (The Bocadillio Palace) and Mikael Nordström (Garaget Studio). The european release date is October 9, and the release date for the UK is November 14.

So many tags, but I cannot describe the sound of this band without them. Enjoy, my brutal guys and girls :)

Et Tu Hope
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1. Fill Your Hands With Chaos
2. This Night, We Share Every Breath
3. We're Almost Dead, No Time For Rational Thinking
4. Deflower Me
5. Music Noir
6. L'âme, Prison Du Corps
7. Great Big Whale
8. I'm Saving My Flower 4 U Goatboy
9. Let's Dance Under A Sky Of Distortion
10. And Sing To The Tunes Of The End

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Black Star Foundation
Stockholm, Sweden
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