Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning (2009)

Brutally intense, unrelenting and outright savage are just a few ways the metal community will describe the new offering from Montreals hottest export DESPISED ICON as their new full-length effort, Day of Mourning, is a true lesson in violence. The material contained on this disc should come bearing a caution label stating Is known to evoke extreme erratic and violent tendencies coupled with a desire to kill. The dichotomy of the dual vocal assault of Alex Erian and Steve Marois adds the depth and dynamic that few bands can attempt to replicate. The addition of new bassist Max Lavelle quickly proved his skills keeping up with the maniacal drumming of Alexandre Pelletier who delivers his most impressive performance yet, raising the bar for his peers within the genre. Longtime guitarist Eric Jarrin and newcomer Ben Landreville round everything out with a blistering, frenetic barrage of cut-throat riffs. AAAAAAhhhh, this is the best deathcore album of the year!

Despised Icon
Day Of Mourning
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1. Les Temps Changent
2. Day Of Mourning
3. MVP
4. All For Nothing
5. Eulogy
6. Made Of Glass
7. Black Lungs
8. Diva Of Disgust
9. Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal
10. Sleepless

Montreal, Quebec, Kanada
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