Various Artists - Exclusive Compilation from Window Licker Records (2009)

Window Licker Records, LLC, is a PUNK/SKA/ROCK record label based out of Chicago, Illinois. Formed in late 2006 by a group of local musicians, Window Licker Records began to grow with the idea of creating an artist-friendly label from a musician's point of view. Window Licker Records has always approached the music scene with a self-reliant attitude, and it shows through their commitment to their artists. They hand-select local bands that have extreme talent and dedication to their craft.

Window Licker Records always puts their artists first. Window Licker provides bands with opportunities that most local record labels cannot offer. Furthermore, Window Licker Records provides assistance with showcase shows at numerous venues, offering promotions through listening parties. and local distribution. Window Licker Records works for their bands, and the Window Licker family takes extreme pride in the finished product; a respectable scene of artists who work well as a family to achieve on goal, success!
As an editor of this blog, I want to thanks to Window Licker Records for providing me with this free compilation, they are "hosting" a good bunch of not well-known (but a promising) bands and they are doing a lot of work to provide good music for listeners from all over the world! All bands deserves a nice words, especially Starter Kit and Ready The Destroyer. I really like their songs, thanks for the good music, guys :) The only band that I cannot assess is Diagram of Truth because they works in rap/hip-hop genre. Enjoy!
Various Artists
Exclusive Compilation from Window Licker Records
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1. Ready The Destroyer - Drowning2. Starter Kit - Seven Four Ninty Nine3. Starter Kit - Time Cards and Pink Slips4. Ready...Break! - Escape5. Ready...Break! - House of Pain6. Without a Breath - Whom We Fight 7. Diagram of Truth - I Over Image8. Ready The Destroyer - Lifeline 9. Diagram of Truth - Focus10. Starter Kit - Secrets11. Without A Breath - It Won't Be Long 12. Diagram of Truth - Future Unpaved

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Window Licker Records
United States
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