Jet - Shaka Rock (2009)


2009’s Shaka Rock reveals new dimensions of Jet while never losing the raw roots of Get Born or the grace and melody of Shine On, which together went on to make Jet an international band of style and substance. In the writing and recording of Shaka Rock, which took place in Miami, Brooklyn, Austin, Sydney and Melbourne, the band worked hard to create 12 finely crafted tracks that owe as much to Jet’s past as to their future. The band also stepped up to the plate in the studio, working side by side as co-producers with Chris “Frenchie” Smith to ensure that Shaka Rock would live up to their own expectations. Says Mark Wilson, “This time, the album wasn’t dictated by a producer or a record company. It was dictated by us. Going in this time, we were a lot more comfortable about taking the reins and being in control.”

Shaka Rock
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1. K.I.A (Killed In Action)
2. Beat On Repeat
3. She's A Genius
4. Black Hearts (On Fire)
5. Seventeen
6. La Di Da
7. Goodbye Hollywood
8. Walk
9. Times Like This
10. Let Me Out
11. Start The Show
12. She Holds A Grudge

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Five Seven Music
Melbourne, Australia
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