As Tall As Lions - You Can't Take It With You (2009)

 In January 2008 the band began work on their new record You Cant Take It With You. As of August 2008, the band had 12 songs written. Fitzgerald says, We are expanding on the vibe in A Break A Pause, that moody, blues, 60s-70s vibe, very dark, moody R and B, with our own twist. Adds Nigro, We all love The Beatles White album and always felt there was an array of influences and sounds on it, we all bring individual song ideas to the band. However, we are by no means comparing our music to The Beatles.

Tavarez continues, Were so meticulous about what we do. Theres always a heavy groove between the bass and drums. The songs at this stage are complete with verse and chorus, but our songs are never finite. Nigro offers much of the same, Everything is always evolving. Sometimes it feels like we write songs to scratch them later on, just to get to the next one. Its a way of finding ourselves. I know we are slow and deliberate with the process. We wouldnt recommend it to anyone, it definitely has its drawbacks, but its how we get our songs to be the best.
Adds Sarcona, Its the same bass and drum feel of the self-titled. The song foundations are heavy in accents, beats and rhythms. Its our strongest work to date, we are building on the heavy rhythm section vibe of our live shows. When Julio and I first started clicking live it was like we knew what we were going to play before we played it.
Bassist Tavarez adds more, This album has much more individual influences. Theres a song that I sing, a song that Saen sings. Whereas on past albums, we all added pieces here and there, this time around, individuals are bringing more complete, stronger ideas to the band.
The single Circles was posted on the bands Myspace page on Thursday, June 18 available for streaming. Wednesday, July 22, In Case of Rapture was released for streaming on as a part of an ABSOLUTExclusive on the band. 
As Tall As Lions
You Can't Take It With You
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1. Circles
2. Sixes & Sevens
3. You Can't Take It With You
4. Go Easy (See the Love)
5. Duermete
6. In Case of Rapture
7. We's Been Waitin'
8. Is This Tomorrow?
9. Sleepyhead
10. The Narrows
11. Lost My Mind
12. Home Is Where You're Happy
13. That's What You Get
14. Sleepyhead (Acoustic Version)

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Triple Crown Records
New York, United States
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