Alucard - Dark Romantism (2009)


Coming from Mons, Alucard is a quintet founded by the artist Dorian and developing a visual and musical concept called « Dark Romantism ».

Their first album is produced by world-class producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Cradle of Filth, ...) and illustrated by Alain Descamps, graphical artist for Franco Dragone.
The « Dark romantism » isn’t born by chance and literally transcribe the hidden garden of a romantic author scorched by the wounds of an impossible teenage love.
« Confronted to the fact that I couldn’t be with her, I started to write and unconsciously, I created a realm where we could be together. » - Dorian
Inspired by the Hells of Greek mythology, Christian eschatology and tarots, this realm transports us on a spiritual path leading to the flowering of the soul. A graphical and poetical universe pretending to become a piece of “Total Art” of the 21st century through several medias (Internet, music, video, pictures, promotional visuals and concerts).
« A piece of “Total Art” characterizes itself through the simultaneous use of several medias and artistic disciplines, and through the symbolic, philosophical or metaphysical meaning it carries. » - Wikipedia
Since its creation, the band tours with concerts from Mons (Royal Theater) to Klub Depo in Riga Latvia, and went in Studios all over Europe (ICP Studios in Brussels / Sound Division Studio in Riga / Redroom Studios in Norway) working with known professionals like Djoum (Indochine, Superbus, ...) and John Fryer.
« I loved you is a great song, reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody » - John Fryer, Riga, 2007 about the originality and musical quality of that song.
In order to push the perfectionism to its limits, each album will provide an original concept and will create its own realm following the previous universes. The end of the first album features a reference to the second one, now in preparation.
« Dorian, you’re insane ! » - John Fryer, SDS Studio, Riga
Welcome into the poetic universe of Alucard, welcome into the Realm of “Dark Romantism” ! Very melodic piano gothic rock, I missed their album in March, so, here they are!
Dark Romantism
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. Dead Romantic
2. Nothing Can Last Forever
3. Under the Moonlight
4. The Ghost
5. Ruins of My Heart
6. The Way
7. Brokenhearted
8. Cold
9. Memory Fields
10. I Loved You

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