Poison The Well - The Tropic Rot (2009)

Florida's Poison the Well arose quickly within the underground hardcore punk scene, becoming a major touring act in several U.S. markets on the strength of their first full-length album and incredibly energized live performances. They play a style of metalcore that evokes the guitar histrionics of Slayer
and the brutal stomp of Hatebreed, while balancing the proceedings with a heaping helping of warmth and melody.

Poison the Well's beginnings can be traced back to a band called An Acre Lost, which was formed by original Poison the Well vocalist Aryeh Lehrer and guitarist Ryan Primack. Ohev Records released a split 12" for the band, together with a group called Promise No Tomorrow. As Poison the Well, the
quintet has been through three guitarists, three singers, three bass players, and two drummers since 1998, with the most recognizably stable lineup consisting of Primack, guitarist Derek Miller, vocalist Jeff Moreira, bass player Mike Gordillo, and drummer Chris Hornbrook. Four of the songs from the
split 12", plus a newer track called "Grain of Salt," were recorded and released as the Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 10"/CD EP through Belgium's Good Life Recordings in 1998. It was re-released the following year, with extra live tracks, by Undecided.

In 1999, the band signed a deal with notable New Jersey-based hardcore imprint Trustkill, commencing work on their debut full-length album that winter after a summer's worth of touring. The Opposite of December was recorded at Studio 13 with producer Jeremy Staska at the helm. The album was a smash success on the hardcore scene, and combined with the group's incessant touring regimen, helped establish them as a premier metalcore act. Poison the Well spent most of 2001 on the road, touring with the likes of Cryptopsy and Candiria and working on material for their sophomore effort, 2002's Tear from the Red.

Their innovative third full-length -- and major-label debut -- You Come Before You next dropped in mid-2003 on Atlantic. The guys closed out the year with a slot on the annual Take Action Tour and end-of-year dates with Every Time I Die and the Bronx. Lineup changes also took place, and by early 2005, Poison the Well comprised Primack, Moreira, Hornbrook, guitarist Jason Boyer, and bassist Benjamin Brown. The guys continued to tour and work on new material through the year, and the following summer was spent on the third annual Strhess Tour alongside acts like Shadows Fall, It Dies Today, and Still Remains. By the end of 2006, Poison the Well had announced their new
home back in the indie world over at Ferret Records. They released Versions in 2007 and The Tropic Rot in 2009.

Poison The Well
The Tropic Rot
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1. Exist Underground
2. Sparks It Will Rain
3. Cinema
4. Pampelmoosse
5. Who Doesn't Love A Good Dismemberment
6. Antarctica Inside Me
7. When You Lose I Lose As Well
8. Celebrate the Pyre
9. Are You Anywhere
10. Makeshift Clay You
11. Without You and One Other I Am Nothing

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Miami / West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
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