Eye Alaska - Genesis Underground (2009)

Proclaiming their eclectic, multi-genre sound as "cinematic rock", Orange County, CA's Eye Alaska create intricate tracks that mesh and intertwine to form individual parts of a greater story on this, their debut. Inspired by the powerful orchestral arrangements of movie soundtracks, they write songs that demonstrate unique emotion in sound, and reference common life experiences, luring listeners to follow along to their soulful performance. Think Maroon 5 meets John Legend. Produced by Matt Walace (Maroon 5, Faith No More, Ludo).

Eye Alaska
Genesis Underground
Album art: 
Release date: 
256 kbps

1. Walk Like a Gentleman
2. Show Me DaLuv ft. VerBS
3. Mutiny off the Aleutian Coast by Rorrim Ehtni
4. Star Pilot ft. VerBS
5. American Landslide
6. The Legion Night (Rorrim Ehtni Lived)
7. Good to Go
8. Miles don't mean Anything
9. Rocky Road
10. All Hail the High Sea
11. Roll Right Over
12. My Soul, My Surrender
13. Intro to POP. Fiction

Music label: 
Fearless Records
Orange, California, United States
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