The Exploding Boy - Afterglow (2009)

 In January 2006 Johan and Lars had a couple of beers at Lars apartment in Stockholm. They knew each other since 3 years while DJ-ing together at a Stockholm rock club, but they never thought about making music together They shared a similar taste in music. Early 80…s post-punk like Cure, Chameleons, B-movie and Magazine, and also early 90…s indie music like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Shed Seven.

Almost instantly they discovered that their musical ideas, visions and experiences was complementing each other perfectly, and during the next two months they wrote and recorded ten songs in Lars home based studio.
Johan got a history as a singer/guitarist in the underground pop band Prune in the late 90s, and since the year 2000 he play the bass in the critical acclaimed Swedish rock group Fake Moss. Lars has been the guitarist in various industrial bands like Seven Trees and Run Level Zero. He has also been making electro-music under the alias of Kodji since the year 2000.
The band name, The Exploding Boy, and the new songs spread like wild fire in the Stockholm rock and indie scene. In only a couple of months their music had been played by DJ…s at 15 of the best clubs in Sweden. One of the demos found it…s way to the Swedish electro producer Sophie Rimheden. She liked what she heard and agreed to produce the song “Vampire”, a tribute to one of the bands favorite hangouts, the Vampire Lounge.
After being approached by a couple of record companies that liked the music and wanted to see The Exploding Boy perform live, Johan and Lars decided to gather some friends from the music scene to form a complete line up. In the beginning of April rehearsals started with Mario, Nicklas, Stefan and Tord, all of them with a musical past from different beloved Swedish bands.
Everything fell in to place and the band made their live debut at Fight Club/Stampen Stockholm the 5:th of May, The venue was totally sold out and the band conquered and explode!
Since the release of the self titled 2007 debut-CD, the demand for The Exploding Boy as a live act has constantly increased. In 2008 and 2009 the band managed to combine two short tours of France and Germany with the production of their second full length album.
The music and sound of The Exploding Boy has been updated and refined on Afterglow. The album has received great reviews, probably because it contains some pretty amazing songs.
P.S. maybe this is transcode...I can't now check it, sorry.
P.P.S. F*ck it! The album is amazing!
The Exploding Boy
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320 kbps

1. The Right Spot
2. 40 Days
3. London
4. Heart of Glass
5. See You
6. What You Want To
7. Intervention
8 .Desperados
9. Let The Right One In
10. Explodera Mig

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Ad Inexplorata
Södermalm, Stockholms län, Sweden
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