Rosaline – A Constant North (2009)


A breath of air in A Minor..

We are Rosaline. We do our own thing, march to the beat of our own drums, generally aspire to be the best musicians we can be, and try to translate that through our recordings and performance. None of us are very good at talking on stage :/. We might be the shyest band you'll ever see, but we're still very happy and grateful to be playing for you. We just really like to play music and aren't very smooth talkers. We started off as the local 'hardcore' band. We don't really know if that is still what we are, but things change in our world just like they do in yours. We don't put in metal solos and blast beats, not because we can't, but because they often don't fit in artistically with what we write. We only play breakdowns if the transition doesn't sound awkward. Our main influences are probably the appleseed cast and sigur ros, not underoath and norma jean. We paint our songs aurally, using notes as colors and progressions as a medium. The only thing you should expect from us is to keep making the best music that we can, we have confidence you'll like it. But if you're looking for chug chug chug weee in every song, please go to another band's page. We try to be as honest as we can, as hopefully you can tell. All of this music means a very great deal to us. Actually, to be real it means more to us than anything else in the world. If you read the lyrics, you'll see some of this stuff sits very close to the heart. No one wants sex or money. We want respect and recognition. This music has integrity and pride coming from our very beings, but we also want to be humble and just push forward. We have confidence, but at the same practice humility and modesty for ourselves. Never put syrup on your roffelz. Whether we're straight edge or a circle, christian music or death metal,we don't think it matters. We're about taking responsibility for our own actions either way, as you should be. You don't need to thank us for the add, we do it to expose ourselves. We should be thanking you for the time you took to listen. We appreciate it more than any other band in the world. If you'd like to take the time to talk to us, we will gladly talk back. No one here is a rock star or anything close.

Other than that, trust us when we tell you that we've been through more hits than most bands you probably know. Every time we fall, we come back. It's as easy as that. From a diamond hard resilience, a love for what is good, and unconditional brotherhood. Rosaline is the ripped banner in the sun, but still a waving banner none the less. <3

Nice post hardcore, very melodic and powerful. 

A Constant North
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1. The New Utah
2. Culture Wars
3. Brother, We’ll Save You Now
4. Pin the Sea to the Wall
5. In True Pisces Fashion
6. The White City
7. Polaris
8. A Silver Meridian
9. Children of Latitude

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Eulogy Recordings
Chicago/Naperville, Illinois, United States
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