The Films - Oh, Scorpio (2009)

 l good things to those who wait.  ladies and gents, sometimes things take a long time..  like really long.  but let's not dwell on the past, this is a positive entry.  The Films sophomore effort "Oh, Scorpio" has a release date!  well, a digital one at least.  JUNE 23rd the record will be released on itunes.  yes, we have plans to print hard copies (and vinyl!) in the not too distant future as well, but digital will have to do for now.  besides let's face it, most of you just put that cd in your computer one time and then lose it, or it becomes good looking garbage cluttering up your desk. (from MySpace)

The Films
Oh, Scorpio
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1. Completely Replaceable
2. Holiday
3. Fingernails For Breakfast
4. Pour It Out
5. Amateur Hour
6. Number 1
7. God Bless Your Heart
8. Hold On To Me Tight
9. Me + The Thief
10. Something Familiar

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Media Factory Japan/Zoom
United States
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