Born Of Osiris - A Higher Place (2009)


I remember listening to BOOs first album and being just simply amazed by their crushing sound contrasted by transcendental ambiance created by the intricate keyboard parts. I remember creaming myself when I first listened to Bow Down and being awestruck by the keyboard solo at the end of Abstract Art. I didn't think breakcore music could get any better but I was wrong. The masters of breakbeat polyrhythems came back at me with their sophomore album, A Higher Place, and I couldnt help myself. The entire album was just track after track of pure musical genius and by the end of the album I had to change my pants due to blowing loads the entire way through out of sheer amazement. The intro track to A Higher Place set the transcendental mood for the album that never wavered or faltered at all. With an overall improved sound including cleaner vocals, guitar and more blending ambiance produced by the keyboard everything just fell together flawlessly. The two best tracks in my opinion are Now Arise, with almost rap style lyrics at the end and Exist, which is littered in a good way with complex polyrhythems designed to make the ears orgasm. I give this album 5 bolts all the way and cant wait for the next effort by Born Of Osiris.


Born Of Osiris
A Higher Place
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1. Rebirth
2. Elimination
3. The Accountable
4. Now Arise
5. Live Like I'm Real
6. Starved
7. Exist
8. Put To Rest
9. A Descent
10. A Higher Place
11. An Ascent
12. Thrive
13. Faces of Death

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Sumerian Records
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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