Among the Oak and Ash - Among the Oak and Ash (2009)


On Among The Oak & Ash, Pennsylvania-born New Yorker Josh Joplin and the Mississippi-bred, Nashville-based Garrison Starr lend their distinctive voices to a dozen folk songs (two of the twelve Joseph Hillstrom and High, Low & Wide were composed by Joplin and Starr, and the rest are traditional) drawn from rural Appalachian and Anglo-American musical idioms. Although much of the material is centuries old, the songs' eloquently simple melodies, and their universal themes of love, loss, longing, cruelty and death, give them a timeless resonance into which Joplin and Starr tap effortlessly. With the duo's evocative harmonies complemented by spare, stripped-down arrangements, Among The Oak & Ash is a powerful testament to Joplin and Starr's interpretive abilities, and to the ageless appeal of these ancient tunes.

Among the Oak and Ash
Among the Oak and Ash
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1. Hiram Hubbard
2. Peggy-O
3. Angel Gabriel
4. Shady Grove
5. The Water is Wide
6. The Housewife's Lament
7. Pretty Saro
8. All The Pretty Little Horses
9. Come All You Young & Tender Ladies
10. Joseph Hillstrom 1879-1915
11. High, Low & Wide
12. Bigmouth Strikes Again

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Verve Forecast Records
New York, United States
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