Project 86 - Picket Fence Cartel (2009)

In a world where perception is reality and reality isn't always what it seems, seeking truth is vital to discover what lies beneath the surface. Reality TV, social networking sites, and virtual video games dominate popular culture, and it seems like authenticity is becoming harder and harder to come by. Sometimes things that appear one way eventually reveal themselves to be something completely
different. This record is painted full of pictures and stories about how important looking under the surface is The old adage rings true: What you see isn't always what you get. Many in our culture who seek something authentic find disillusionment and corruption--from financial let-downs, to the abuse of power, to rejected Facebook friend requests. And yet, peace and hope can be found in the most unlikely of packages. Project 86 hopes to remind all with Picket Fence Cartel that peace and hope can be found by walking by faith, not by sight, in the world of false fronts in which we live. Known as a band who has defined their 13 year career with a reputation of excellence from award winning songwriting to a fantastic live show Project 86 offers their 7th full length album Never afraid of pushing the envelope the group continues to grow and evolve and deliver another set of powerful and dynamic songs. Eleven diverse tracks from Project 86 will impress new and old fans alike.
Project 86
Picket Fence Cartel
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1. Destroyer
2. The Butcher
3. The Spectacle of Fearsome Acts
4. Dark Angel Dragnet
5. Cold and Calculated
6. Cement Shoes
7. A John Hancock with the Safety Off
8. Two Glass Eyes
9. Cyclonus
10. The Black Brigade
11. To Sand We Return

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Tooth & Nail Records
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