Our Lady Peace - Burn Burn (2009)

The long awaited seventh studio album from Our Lady Peace. After the release of their 2006 compilation album, A Decade, the band entered a short hiatus period. Lead vocalist Raine Maida began work on his first solo album, The Hunter's Lullaby, which was released in 2007, while the remaining members of the band also became occupied with other personal endeavors. The hiatus would cause the time gap between their sixth and seventh studio albums to be the longest to-date.

The band began working on their seventh studio album Burn Burn in February 2007, completing it in March 2009. Raine Maida calls the new album "huge", and said that it is a "proper rock album again"—featuring a return to the raw originality of the band's first album Naveed, though a "little more mature". Maida solely produced the album, noting his excitement over "not (having had) anybody intrude on (recording) sessions".

The album contains 10 tracks—of the 30 that were written—and is reportedly 38 minutes in length. The album is set to be released on July 21, 2009. Burn Burn's first single, "All You Did Was Save My Life", was released on May 24.

Our Lady Peace
Burn Burn
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1. All You Did Was Save My Life
2. Dreamland
3. Monkey Brains
4. The End Is Where We Begin
5. Escape Artist
6. Refuge
7. Never Get Over You
8. White Flags
9. Signs Of Life
10. Paper Moon

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Coalition Entertainment (Records)
Toronto, Canada
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