Rifle Recoil - Rifle Recoil (2009)


A MASTER OF THE DELAY PEDALS. Jeff Kessel, a.k.a. Rifle Recoil, has a pretty intriguing approach to his music - he largely builds his tunes on delay pedals into a big, bold sound. Some would call it a wall of sound. The Arlington, Va.-based tunesmith pulls a lot out of his limited array of parts. Worth checking out are his immaculate one-man cover of the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell classic "All I Need" and the funky Prince-like original "Bad Girl."

The songs are built on repeating melodies and phrases, looped guitars and beatbox, atmospherics and soaring falsettos. The repetitive, hypnotic nature of these songs is like a soothing balm to the psyche, calming and fresh. This is instantly catchy and infectious music, enough to make you yearn even harder for summer days and tall glasses of lemonade.

Rifle Recoil is one guy (Jeff) based out of Arlington, Virginia, though you’d assume from the tunes he’d be from southern California.

Long songs with simple lyrics that mainly based on titles of the songs. Best songs for me is "Bad Girl" and "Calling London". LIYL: - I don't know, maybe you can suggest something? :)

Rifle Recoil
Rifle Recoil
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1. Get Paid
2. Lonely Sailor
3. Streets of America
4. Prototype
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Intermission
7. All I Need
8. Bad Girl
9. Nobody Cares
10. Calling London
11. It's Gonna Be Okay
12. Seas of Bees

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Louis & James
Arlington, Virginia, United States
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