Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band (2009)

The Ruminant Band is another step in the subtly evolving but endlessly blissful pop sound of Fruit Bats. Never ones to bog themselves down in minor-chord drudgery, frontman Eric D. Johnson and his band craft eleven bright and shimmering new songs here, ranging from dust-kicking stompers to extended country-rock jams. But for all its exploration, the album still finds the band on the same path. As always, they mine the hazy sounds of Gram Parsons and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys for something new, something distinctly theirs, and they yet again find subtle new ways into their sundrenched melodies. The Ruminant Band is the band's third release for Sub Pop, and fourth overall.
Fruit Bats
The Ruminant Band
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1. Primitive Man
2. The Ruminant Band
3. Tegucigalpa
4. Beautiful Morning Light
5. The Hobo Girl
6. Being on Our Own
7. My Unusual Friend
8. Singing Joy to the World
9. The Blessed Breeze
10. Feather Bed
11. Flamingo

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Sub Pop
Chicago/Portland, United States
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