Papercut Massacre - If These Scars Could Talk (2009)

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"These guys are awesome. They compare to Papa Roach and the lead singer also sounds similar to the lead singer of Saving Abel. Their radio hit "Left 4 Dead" is the best song on the album and really sets the tone. Personally I think the whole album is damn good. They rock hard and have a few softer ones in between to make it a nice mix. I would recommend this if your a fan of Papa Roach or just a fan of some good hard rock. Great buy."

"This was a great addition to my rock collection. I heard "Left 4 Dead" on the radio, and liked the sound of it so I decided to check them out. Glad I did! They have the type of songs that - at least for me - really grow on you. The first time I heard them I thought they were pretty good, but after a couple listens I'm really addicted! My personnal favorite is "Lose My Life". "Left for Dead" is also a great track, and I do have a thing for the softer ones so "Part of Me" is definitely another one I crave. Great sound. They really rock! I'm going to enjoy watching them take off. It's bound to happen."

Papercut Massacre
If These Scars Could Talk
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1. Pink Lighted Suicide
2. Million Miles
3. Left 4 Dead
4. Jaxon
5. Curse Of The Broken Hearted
6. In The Middle
7. Down
8. Part Of You
9. Come Undone
10. Late Night Lullaby
11. Lose My Life

Music label: 
Wind-up Records
Jackson, MS / Memphis,TN, United States
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