Amogh Symphony - Abolishing the Obsolete System (2009)

 "Wow, was this a pleasant surprise! I knew nothing about Amogh Symphony other than they were supposed to play progressive death metal and had symphony in their name. In reality Amogh Symphony has become a 1 man band with the brainchild being Vishaljit Singh. Hats off to Mr. Singh as he is an exceptional musician and a terrific songwriter. He uses several guest musicians but for the most part Abolishing the Obsolete System is instrumental prog death that alternates between very aggressive and more technical metal to some very nice atmospheric metal. A few of the tracks certainly have some jazz influence and we also get some very interesting electronica on a couple of tracks and even some "Indian" ethnic vocals/sounds added here and there. The opening track on my download Intro: Opus After Genocide is a beautiful symphonic number.

Vishaljit brought in a guest death metal vocalist for the song Swallowing the Infected Sun(I am sure a depiction of the song is found on the album cover). While the vocals are a bit too inconsistent for my liking (some are good and some are questionable) I still enjoyed the song.

Although the changes in style within the songs might be too abrupt and the few vocals could be better, I enjoyed everything else about Abolishing the Obsolete System, inlcuding the quirky electronica. Amogh Symphony should certainly make the country of India proud as this is the best metal artist I have heard from that country.

Highly recommended for folks who enjoy prog metal and extreme prog metal that is mostly instrumental. "

-Butterflyman, Rateyourmusic

Amogh Symphony
Abolishing the Obsolete System
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1. Cyborg Activation
2. Greenhouse Effect
3. Abolishing the Obsolete System
4. Phase Cancelled
5. Post-War Symphony
6. Swallowing the Infected Sun
7. Opus After Genocide

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Mumbai, India
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