Curse at 27 - The Departed (2009)

 Curse at 27 are a metal band based in Sydney and the Southern Highlands, Australia.

Consisting of five members, the bands music is a unique dynamic and melodic mix of metal, southern rock and grunge.
After extraordinary hours of writing, rehearsing and recording, Curse at 27 have released their debut album The Departed.
Since starting the band, Curse at 27 has shared the stage with some excellent Local and International talent including The Bled (U.S), Parkway Drive (AUS), Carpathian (AUS), From Autumn To Ashes (U.S), The Red Shore (AUS), and many more.
The release of the debut album The Departed has generated significant interest in the band from around the world, with their following growing substancially on a daily basis The bands live performances are extremely energetic and powerful.
The five member lineup consists of:
Drums - Chris Spiteri
Vocals - Jeff Wellfare
Guitar - Chris Moit
Guitar - Phil Spiteri
Bass - Adam Wildin
Curse at 27
The Departed
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1. Intro
2. These Walls
3. Zero Day
4. Anguish
5. Curse at 27
6. Interlude
7. Lies
8. The Departed
9. Outro

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Wollongong/Sydney/Southern Highlands, Australia
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