Darkest Hour - The Eternal Return (2009)

DARKEST HOUR, the Washington D.C. powerhouse metal quintet, will proudly release their fifth full-length record, The Eternal Return, June 23, 2009 on Victory Records. The band tapped producer Brian McTernan (Senses Fail, Thrice, From Autumn to Ashes) and recorded at his Baltimore, MD-based Salad Days Studio. Guitarist Mike Schleibaum comments, To put it simply, this is a
metal record made by dudes who have dedicated half of our lives to aggressive, unrelenting music.
Its been a long road, but we have finally completed work on our new record, The Eternal Return, added Schleibaum. I am very proud of the hard work and passion that both the band and producer Brian McTernan poured into this.
After 14 years, weve decided theres no reason to put out Darkest Hour records other then for ourselves and for the people that love this band. This record has no hidden agenda, no pop hit, or stylistic departure to broaden the fan base. Rather, it is a sick thrash, speed, melodic, metal record! It
feels like it has all the aggression and speed of our Hidden Hands record, the melody and songwriting of Undoing Ruin, and the technicality and musicianship of Deliver Us. We encourage anyone who has loved our records in the past or present to check it out. And if youve never found something thats connected with you in a Darkest Hour record before, then take some time to listen to this one, because this is a defining Darkest Hour record We look forward to playing new songs on our upcoming European tour with Bleeding Through and on this years Summer Slaughter Tour! See ya in the pit!
Once the band returns to the US, they will head out in support of Necrophagist and Suffocation on the Summer Slaughter 2009 tour (presented by Affliction and Decibel Magazine).

Darkest Hour
The Eternal Return
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1. Devolution of Flesh
2. Death Worship
3. The Tides
4. No God
5. Bitter
6. Blessed Infection
7. Transcendence
8. A Distorted Utopia
9. Black Sun
10. Into the Grey

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Victory Records
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