The Fatales - Great Surround (2009)

The band, based in NYC - USA, have released yet a 7-track EP, 2004s Pretty in Pixels, garnered critical acclaim for its glitchy, moody, atmospheric pop commonly drawing comparisons to Interpol and Radiohead. Pretty in Pixels was recorded and mixed at Headgear Production and Recording Studios (Yeah Yeah Yeah, T.V. on the Radio, The National) in Brooklyn, NY with Dan Long.

After signing with monopsone Records (Le Mans, France) in July 2008, The Fatales traveled to Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, Georgia to record its first album, Great Surround, with producer Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Pacific UV, Azure Ray). Demonstrating more thoughtful and delicately crafted songwriting, the new compositions are nostalgic and cinematic in scope, recalling the soundtrack to a David Lynch film. The songs maintain the groups trademark sound : shimmering
layers of guitars and synths, lush melodic string arrangements, and meticulously programmed electronics, all driven by a propulsive and dynamic rhythm section. The picturesque effect is dark yet beautiful - dancing in circles while toeing the line of a familiar yet slightly skewed pop structure.

An early demo of Stadtpark, a song from Great Surround, was chosen for Je taime, a record compilation including artists as Windsor for the Derby (Secretly Canadian), A Northern Chorus (Sonic Unyon), and Mark Robinson (Teenbeat, Unrest), released in March 2006 by Montreal-based
Where Are My Records, also available through Darla Records. The song was also featured on NPR (National Public Radio in Washington)s All Songs Considered two years ago.

The Fatales are Craig Holland (drums, programming, synthesizers), Wayne Switzer (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Ryan Vernon (bass, programming), and James Wu (keyboards)

The Fatales
Great Surround
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1. Evergreen
2. Islands Of Fortune
3. Old Painter
4. Eveningwear
5. Vanishing Act
6. Stadtpark
7. Darkened Country
8. Violette
9. City En Route
10. Torches

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