Molotov Solution - The Harbinger (2009)

Metal Blade Records and [ have teamed up to bring you an exclusive stream of The Harbinger, Molotov Solution's Metal Blade debut available everywhere Tuesday June 9th. The album will only be up for a few days, so make sure to head over for your chance to check out The Harbinger in its entirety before it hits stores! The Harbinger will be available everywhere on June 9th and don't forget to catch the band live on the Artery Metal Tour playing alongside Carnifex, Impending Dom, Miss May I, and more!

P.S. sorry for mprtl link, can't find another one:)

Molotov Solution
The Harbinger
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320 kbps

1. Warlords
2. Rule by Secrecy
3. Only the Dead
4. Atrum Inritus
5. Corpus Imperium
6. Monolithic Apparatus
7. The Harbinger
8. Enslaved
9. Awakening
10. Living Proof
11. The Dawn of Ascendency

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Metal Blade
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