Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion (2009)

Aggressive and beautiful, visceral and thoughtful, Dredg are set to release their highly anticipated release, The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion on Ohlone Recordings June 9, 2009. Produced by Matt Radosevich, "The Pariah..." marks the Bay Area band s fourth full-length studio album. On this release, Gavin Hayes (vocals, guitar), Drew Roulette (bass, moog, speak & spell, samples), Mark Engles (guitar) and Dino Campanella (drums, keys) combine to create equal parts punk aggression and metallic complexity - a sound that brings together the artistic instrumentation, haunting vocals and emotional intensity that is Dredg. Though driven by rhythms and guitars, "The Pariah..." is far from a typical rock album. Inspired in part by Salman Rushdie s essay
Imagine There's No Heaven: A Letter to the 6 Billionth Citizen, Dredg capture the madness of the modern world, particularly its battles over religion and science, within a musical missive to the future. Fittingly, "The Pariah..." is packaged and constructed like a letter, its songs and instrumental interludes connected by eerie, evocative Wurlitzer piano-and-voice segments. Diverse and textured, these intentional imperfections allow some of Dredg s mellowest recorded moments to mingle with some of their harshest. "The Pariah..." combines the raw power of the band s earliest records with both the epic, cinematic sweep and operatic ambition of "El Cielo" as well as the exceptional songwriting and searing ballast of "Catch Without Arms."

Этот альбом я, как и многие другие, ожидал очень давно. Я не сомневался, что альбом получится замечательный, и был прав. Dredg скомбинировали "тяжесть" первых альбомов, эпичность El Cielo и баллады Catch Without Arms. Что ещё надо для счастья?

P.S. Quality is nice, cutoff at 18 KHz, so this is likely 99.9% legit rip. Enjoy!

The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
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192 kbps

1. Pariah
2. Drunk Slide
3. Ireland
4. Stamp Of Origin: Pessimistic
5. Lightswitch
6. Gathering Pebbles
7. Information
8. Stamp Of Origin: Ocean Meets Bay
9. Saviour
10. R U O K ?
11. I Don't Know
12. Mourning This Morning
13. Stamp Of Origin: Take A Look Around
14. Long Days and Vague Clues
15. Cartoon Showroom
17. Down To The Cellar
18. Stamp Of Origin: Horizon

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Ohlone Recordings / ILG
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