The Birthday Massacre - Show And Tell (2009)

Chibi (vocals of The Birthday Massacre)

The Birthday Massacre

There seems to be no limit to THE BIRTHDAY MASSACREs worldwide success! Their latest album Walking with Strangers not was a huge success all over Europe and America. And now they bring us Show and Tell, their first official live release, recorded live in Hamburg, which will be followed by a special DVD release of the same show later on in the summer.

This CD is a testimony to THE BIRTHDAY MASSACREs outstanding quality as a live act and includes excellent renditions all the bands best songs. Not only an excellent live album, but a sort of Best Of as well!

Этот CD - хорошая возможность познакомиться с группой, так как его вполне можно считать сборником Best Of. Играют готический альтернативный рок с элементами индастриала и электроники.

The Birthday Massacre
Show And Tell
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1. Before Dark (Intro) (Live 2007)
2. Video Kid (Live 2007)
3. Lovers End (Live 2007)
4. Goodnight (Live 2007)
5. Falling Down (Live 2007)
6. Violet (Live 2007)
7. Red Stars (Live 2007)
8. Looking Glass (Live 2007)
9. Remember Me (Live 2007)
10. Unfamiliar (Live 2007)
11. Walking With Strangers (Live 2007)
12. Weekend (Live 2007)
13. Horror Show (Live 2007)
14. Kill The Lights (Live 2007)
15. Blue (Live 2007)
16. Happy Birthday (Live 2007)

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Metropolis Records / Repo Records
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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