So Many Dynamos - The Loud Wars (2009)

"There's this band that I love from East St. Louis, Illinois called So Many Dynamos, and they're this heavy, fantastic, prog rock dance band. They've got their heads as much in the The Mahavishnu Orchestra as they do the Talking Heads. They're really doing that bizarre fall on the floor dance band fusion thing, but hitting really hard. They're fucking awesome!" - Chris Walla, Death Cab For Cutie
"St. Louis' So Many Dynamos have their feet firmly planted on the same shaky, unstable ground as Les Savy Fav and Q and Not U. The tracks on their sophomore release, Flashlights, feature upbeat tempos and driving melodies bursting through chaotic arrangements." - Cory D. Byrom, Pitchfork Media
"So Many Dynamos represents the ever more beautiful evolution of common music into something inherently interesting and cool. Unlike other bands that are attempting the same metamorphosis, SMD succeeds in bridging the gap, maintaining singable and danceable material, while bringing so much more intelligent interplay to the table. They lie somewhere between Weezer and Q And Not U; using radio friendly rhythms that change in the moment and widen the songs into multiple layers, while the vocals dance around, crisp and meaningful. " - Hybrid Magazine


So Many Dynamos
The Loud Wars
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1. Artifacts of Sound
2. Glaciers
3. The Novelty of Haunting
4. New Bones
5. If You Didn’t Want To Know
6. Oh, The Devastation
7. Keep It Simple
8. Friendarmy
9. It’s Gonna Rain
10. The Formula

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Vagrant Records
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