Codes in the Clouds - Paper Canyon (2009)

'Is the world ready for yet another post-rock band? The answer is yes! "Paper Canyon" overflows with gaping gorges of pretty passages prone to gathering momentum before enveloping unsuspecting ears whole... A debut record of real maturity!' Best New Music - Rock Sound

'At times crestfallen and regretful, at others furious and passionate, this album is a synergy between exceptional percussion and dizzying whirlpools of guitar riffs.' (4/5) - NARC

'Paper Canyon is a remarkably tight ship...from soppy piano picks to lush, pounding heroism and epic rabbit-punches of distortion. It goes to confirm that, in the right hands, post-rock works like a dentist, extracting bicuspids of bloody emotion from the mouths of people with weak spots.' - Cokemachineglow (US)

'Their music brings the sonic deluge associated with their genre, kidney-punching you with crescendos that leave you in surgery, coupled with the fragile stitching of clean guitar lines that help you recuperate. Codes does show they are capable of more surprising melody-making, particularly in the star-charting patience of "The Distance Between Us"' Track Of The Week
- The Silent Ballet (US)

'One of the hottest releases for the genre...the whole work seems to be a crescendo of emotions that explode in the final tracks, turning your insides upside down. A must have!' - Sound Magazine (IT)

'With a debut record produced by ex-yourcodenameis:milo man Justin Lockey ready to go in early 09, via Erased Tapes, this Kent-based quintet find themselves on the cusp of what looks to be a very promising career.' Ones to watch in 2009 - Rock Sound

Codes in the Clouds
Paper Canyon
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. Fractures
2. Don't Go Awash In This Digital Landscape
3. Distant Street Lights
4. We Anchor In Hope
5. You Are Not What You Think You Are
6. The Distance Between Us

Music label: 
Erased Tapes
Dartford, Kent, South United Kingdom
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