The Arrs - Héros / Assassin (2009)

Looking for powerfull  music that mixes the strength of Metal , the madness of Hardcore , sensible  lyrics and constructive attitude ? Forget about clichés and followers , make  way for france’s THE ARRS !

    Since the 2003 “  Condition Humaine” demo, the band have been working on their own accession ,  conscientious and clear-sighted. Pitching on high risk , THE ARRS recorded  their hard liner debut “ Et la douleur est la meme” ( and the pain is the same  ) in 2005 and started touring at once with the leading French metal acts (  Gojira , Dagoba , Eths ..) After opening for various international Hardcore  acts and performing at Heelfest , France , the creativity of the band reached  new heights , embodied by sophomore album “ Trinite”  in 2007.On new effort “  Heros | Assassin” ( murderous hero ), THE ARRS decided to set their imagination  free , creating an album without boundaries and standing at the crossroads of  genres.

   “Heros | Assassin”  evokes the dark side of power , its morbid fascination and its lethal impact  hiding behind pomp and glory . A pure reflection of the times , this violent ,  somber , intense and chaotic album expresses the reproaches made to contemporary  gods. No one will get out of here alive…

The Arrs
Héros / Assassin
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1. L’empire, La Femme, La Mort
2. Cannibale
3. Nihil Est In Homine
4. Heros Assassin
5. Sacrifice
6. Martyres
7. Sombre Univers
8. Vengeance
9. L’emprise
10. Seul Contre Tous
11. Le Ciel Des Uns Est L’enfer Des Autres
12. Ma Misericorde

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Season of Mist
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