The Vandelles - Del Black Aloha (2009)

Thanks to their ripping guitar lines - and even finer harmonies - The Vandelles define the distaff side of the Noir Rock sound. Their biggest hits, including Lovely Weather (DBA) and Swell to Heaven (TTB), remain among the most potent and enduring recordings of their era. Formed as a merger of two local vocal groups, The Mercenary Gang and Del Black Aloha, The Vandelles take aspects of Link Wray and The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Ronettes and My Bloody Valentine, Buddy Holly and The Ramones, to create a sound thats uniquely theirs.

While crooning softly in the background, they take old school rock and roll your parents used to listen to and run it through screaming, blown out amplifiers. Having played from LA to NYC The Vandelles have developed an infamous live show that is an audio and visual assault. Garage cats, cowboy beat poetry, and the Wall of Sound. Turn your eyes inside out and dig the vacuum, This is Noir Rock and Roll.

Шумный пост панк, да ещё и с шугейзом. Просто фантастика! RIYL: A Place To Bury Strangers, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Ребята пишутся на Safranin Sound, а это дом Ceremony и Screen Vinyl Image.

The Vandelles
Del Black Aloha
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1. Dash'N'Dive
2. Get Down
3. Lovely Weather
4. Roving Rex
5. Going Downtown
6. Chain Walking
7. Fever of the Beat
8. Blue LA Strip
9. Bomb the Surf
10. California Killer
11. Die for it Cowboy
12. Bad Volcano

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Safranin Sound and Design / Spoilt Victorian Child
Brooklyn, New York, United States
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