Clues - Clues (2009)

The debut record from Clues, the culmination of a partnership between Alden Penner and Brendan Reed, is finally ready to see the light of day on May 19. The duo have been quietly nurturing this project in Montreal since the demise of their respective bands, Unicorns and Les Angles Morts, and now with the Constellation release ready to go, Clues is ready to share their songs with the rest of the world.

The self-titled record will be made available on CD in a custom gatefold cardstock package printed with metallic and full color inks as well as on 180 gram virgin vinyl (and yes, digital as well). Devoted chroniclers of the Canadian music scene may already be hip to Clues, but now, after building a small cult following on their instrument-packed live shows and their own online music store, the band will hit the road at the end of February for a brief West coast tour hitting the Noise Pop Festival in the middle of the run.
Penner’s voice, guitar and unique lyrical vision now guide Clues, with humble authority, originality and intent. Wedded to Reed’s own superlative compositional and arranging acumen (and awesome drumming, among other instrumental skills) and abetted by multi-instrumentalists Ben Borden (Les Automates de Maxime de la Rochefoucauld), Lisa Gamble (Gambletron, Evangelista, Hrsta) and Nick Scribner (Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble), the band delivered sporadic and fantastic local performances through 2008. They then entered the Hotel2Tango studio to lay down eleven songs in a feverish session during a Montréal winter deep freeze. The resulting album radiates a very special warmth and urgency, full of secrets, smiles, snarls and sing-a-longs.

Группа, состоящая из участников известнейших групп Arcade Fire (Brendan Reed) и Unicorns (Alden Penner). Вот вам для ознакомления песня Perfect Fit. Альбом представляет из себя довольно оригинальный, минималистичный инди рок.

В записи этого альбома было задействовано много известных личностей, в частности Efrim Menuck, в прошлом учасник post rock группы Godspeed You! Black Emperor, которая внесла неоценимый вклад в становлении жанра post rock.

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1. Haarp2. Remember Severed Head3. Approach The Throne4. In The Dream5. You Have My Eyes Now6. Perfect Fit7. Elope8. Cave Mouth9. Crows10. Ledmonton11. Lets Get Strong

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