The Panic Division - Sleepwalker (2009)

The Panic Division is the baby of Colton Holliday, the group’s lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter. Holliday formed the band in 2005 and almost immediately The Militia Group swooped in and signed The Panic Division to a deal. The group released two records for the label, 2005’s ‘Versus‘ and 2007’s ‘Songs From the Glasshouse‘ respectively. Unfortunately, a lack of promotion behind the latter album and a pocketful of lineup shuffles drove Colton Holliday to permanently dissolve The Panic Division in early 2008 in favor of pursuing his solo endeavor. After giving his new songs much thought, Holliday decided to revive The Panic Division name and release his efforts under that moniker. ‘Sleepwalker‘ is the fruit of Colton Holliday’s labor.

The digital-only ‘Sleepwalker‘ is another salvo of The Panic Division’s ethereal new wave synth-pop punch, only with a rawer shell. However as proved by the bracing, well-accented “Easier”, ‘Sleepwalker‘ is just as welcoming as the band’s previous releases. “Shut Up and Leap” hurdles forward with consistent bursts of sonic riffery, which The Panic Division unbuckle from for brief, gliding chorus clips. The ambient “Melody Ave” is underpinned by electro-tinged flashes, male-female vocal harmonizing, and fat, unflinching grooves, a highly involved yet crisply defined song. Once you lock into the beat of “Fever”, let yourself go to fully enjoy its haunting and ethereal, four-on-the-floor vibe. “When Your World Turns Around” is soothing and transcendental, its cathartic lyrics delivered delicately by Colton Holliday to add a whimsical wash. The trance-laden, ghostly trip “Dark Days” is like a majestic cruise through the night sky, and its likeness to the charm of mid-80’s pop cannot be ignored; “Dark Days” is the standout of ‘Sleepwalker‘, one you’ll have to listen to several times in order to fully grasp its power. ‘Sleepwalker‘ is brought to a rest with “Pretender”, a mysterious sci-fi jaunt overdubbed with tingling female whispers that creates an interesting twist.

Атмосферный альтернативный рок. Если понравится - советую послушать предыдущий альбом Songs from the Glasshouse.

The Panic Division
Album art: 
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320 kbps

1. Easier2. Shut Up And Leap3. Melody Ave4. Fever5. When Your World Turns Around6. Dark Days7. Pretender

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The Panic Division
San Antonio / New York City, United States
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