The Gathering - The West Pole (2009)

Dutch rock outfit The Gathering will release its long-awaited new album, "The West Pole", on May 4 via the band's own label, Psychonaut Records. More information is available on The Gathering's official webshop.

"The West Pole" will mark the recording debut of The Gathering's new singer, Silje Wergeland from the Norwegian band OCTAVIA SPERATI. Drummer Hans Rutten says, "Silje has been the singer of OCTAVIA SPERATI for eight years, including several other projects. She did a superb job [on 'The West Pole']. This album also includes two very talented guest singers: the Dutch Anne van den Hoogen and Mexican Marcela Bovio (from
STREAM OF PASSION), and some other guest musicians."

Hans continued, "What can we say about 'The West Pole'? It's a very vital, atmospheric and extravert rock orientated album, with all the quality and power The Gathering is so famous for, also with many new elements. The sound is guitar driven, alive and urgent;
a strong and beautifully coloured album with haunting female vocals. It's produced by guitar player RenŠ¹ Rutten and mixed and mastered by Zlaya Hadzich (who also did the production of 'Souvenirs') and RenŠ¹."

The Gathering
The West Pole
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1.When Trust Becomes Sound2.Treasure3.All You Are4.The West Pole5.No Bird Call6.Capital of Nowhere7.You Promised Me A Symphony8.Pale Traces9.No One Spoke10.A Constant Run

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Psychonaut Records
Nijmegen, Netherlands
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