As Cities Burn - Hell or High Water (2009)

If progression is a dirty word, As Cities Burn will need to wash their collective mouths out with soap. The band returns this spring with Hell Or High Water, the follow up to 2007's acclaimed release Come Now Sleep, and there's plenty of that "dirty word" to go around. Completely leaving behind the band's heavier, sing scream past, Hell Or High Water still brings the rock, though the rock sounds a bit more mature, and it's in the purest, most unexpected way. Stand-out tracks like "Into The Sea" and "Made Too Pretty" find the band furthering the sound they perfected with Come Now Sleep, while offerings like "Capover" bring a welcome shift into uncharted waters. Catching up to peers like Brand New and Thrice, As Cities Burn have come into their own, and in the full scope of the band's career, Hell Or High Water will prove to be a cornerstone. The album was self produced and mixed by Brad Wood (mewithoutYou, Pete Yorn, Placebo).

As Cities Burn
Hell or High Water
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1. 84 Sheepdog2. Errand Rum3. Into the Sea4. Made Too Pretty5. Lady Blue6. Petty7. Daughter8. Pirate Blues9. Capo

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Tooth & Nail Records
Louisiana, United States
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