Maxïmo Park - Quicken The Heart (2009)

Heres a song that finally you can understand, sings frontman Paul Smith as he opens Quicken The Heart. Maximo Park want people to sit up and listen, and their third recordcould be the one that people cant escape from.

Angular guitars and sing-along melodies propelled them to success, while Smiths arresting lyrical twists (and wonderfully oddball dance moves) ensured they werent lost in
the throng of imitators. Quicken The Heart will fill floors and minds, but things are darker than before. Opening track Wraithlike talks of faded memories and lost love, and lead
single The Kids Are Sick Again paints a despairing picture of a time when nothing seems worthwhile. Musically, too, theres anger and gloom in the album.

Building on the post-punk influences that have served them so well, the band sharpen their riffs with some Gang Of Four-inspired manoeuvres and launch into a Joy Division
bassline on second track The Penultimate Clinch. Luckily they havent lost their knack for writing an infectious tune, and the album packs more punch than their previous
long-player, Our Earthly Pleasures.

Though theyve confidently conquered the tricky third album, Maximo Park havent really changed their formula since their debut. If Apply Some Pressure and Graffiti didnt do it
for you then theres not a lot here that will change your mind. But momentum is a useful thing, and there are always new listeners waiting to be impressed. While their last album shot to number two in the charts, they could now be poised to go right to the top and become one of the summers essential bands.

Maxïmo Park
Quicken The Heart
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1. Wraithlike2. The Penultimate Clinch3. The Kids Are Sick Again4. A Cloud Of Mystery5. Calm6. In Another World (Youd Have Found Yourself By Now)7. Lets Get Clinical8. Roller Disco Dreams9. Tanned10. Questing, Not Coasting11. Overland, West Of Suez12. I Havent Seen Her In Ages

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Newcastle, Northeast, United Kingdom
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