Fewn - Magical Stupid Bicycle (2009)

For Fort:

Join right in and get carried right along. Whether it's true or not, it has the spirit of passing fancy, as if it were a whim to be a musician. "Let's just give it a shot." 2 hours later, they sound really really great.

- Said the Gramophone

For Foin:

They're banging out clouds with that one flat drum, and then moaning and rhyming and moaning and rhyming, and so on. Until BLAM!-- they're not kidding around. Well, that's all they're doing, but they do it so earnestly, you start by laughing, and you end by joining right in.

- Said the Gramophone

Неплохой шумящий indie-rock с женским вокалом. Альбом распостраняется бесплатно indie-лейблом Awkwardcore. Вот здесь можно посмотреть информацию по остальным альбомам группы.

Magical Stupid Bicycle
Album art: 
Release date: 

1. The Original Priest
2. Ghost Month
3. The Table in the Chair
4. Memories of Raccoon Sunday
5. King of the Horn
6. Balloon with Arms
7. Splenectomy
8. The Compass Points South
9. Superbrawl
10. Growin' Babies
11. Equation for Feeling
12. Secret Planet

Music label: 
Awkwardcore, Hop Skip Jump Records
Rochester / Brooklyn, New York, United States
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