Exilia - My Own Army (2009)

From the classic fashion city of Milan (I) comes the most aggressive sound and vocal on the metal music scene, the spectacular four called EXILIA. Exilia hit the metal charts a few years ago with their debut album 'Unleashed', and it changed people's perception of what it means to be a female Rock singer. A combination of aggressive riffs, hard pounding drums, crisp bass guitars and powerful lyrics and singing style, sent shivers through even the most 'hard to please' audiences. EXILIA has conquered audiences with their songs that haunt
the mind hours after they've stopped playing...
P.S. In The Air Tonight хороша, а ещё запомнилась Far From The Dark.

My Own Army
Album art: 
Release date: 
256 kbps

1. Phoenix
2. Are You Breathing?
3. The Hunter
4. I'm Perfect
5. Across The Sky
6. Emptiness Of You
7. Far From The Dark
8. Deleted
9. No Destination
10. In The Air Tonight
11. My Own Army
12. Magnolia
13. Hidden Track

Music label: 
AFM Records (Germany), Imortal Media (UK)
Milan, Italy
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