We Came As Romans - Dreams (EP) (2009)

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An up-and-coming post-hardcore/metalcore act hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

How is it?

Very solid across the board. The four song EP has the ability to catch
interest and leave the listener yearning to hear more. The opening of
Dreams is the familiar scene-hardcore formula you're used to - although
they follow the new "electronic-infused scene metalcore" trend, We Came
As Romans make everything sound much better than what you've come to
expect. The band have taken all the things that can go horribly wrong
in this genre and correct them, doing them right. The drums and guitars
flow well together, and breakdowns are put in the correct places,
sounding great unlike many bands in the genre today. The vocals are
outstanding - especially the clean vocals, which make them stand out in
the ever-growing genre. The electronics on the EP sound great; Kyle
Pavone is creative, and does an excellent job of putting unique bits of
electronic effects where they fit perfectly. It's most noticeable on
the track "Intentions," in which the band demonstrates their creativity
by implementing a keyboard part that sounds like a full orchestra.

The production of Dreams is very impressive, since in is in fact an EP
by a fairly unknown band. In comparison to their old EP, Motions, it's
completely different. We Came As Romans have improved every aspect of
their sound and done a wonderful job at completely changing their
style. While listening to this album, I can't help but wonder how this
band remains unsigned, and Dreams should ultimately be their ticket to
For fans of House vs Hurricane, Harp And Lyre, In Fear and Faith.

We Came As Romans
Dreams (EP)
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1. Conditions
2. Dreams
3. Intentions
4. Shapes

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