Behind Crimson Eyes - Behind Crimson Eyes (2009)

Behind Crimson Eyes are a post-hardcore band from Melbourne who are releasing a follow up to 2006's A Revelation For Despair with their new self titled album. The band, who have already have a large underground following, are looking to appeal to wider audience with Behind Crimson Eyes by presenting audiences with a much more accessible sound similar to fellow Australian alternative acts Gyroscope and Kisschasy.

With a touring history that has covered both metro and regional areas of Australia, Behind Crimson Eyes have played Big Day Out, Pyramid Rock Festival and Pushover, as well as supporting Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine. The band has recently completed a tour with Something With Numbers across regional areas of NSW and VIC as a warm up for a full album tour post-release.

Группа раньше играла emocore/post-hardcore, но с новым альбомом она решила переквалифицироваться в alternative rock. То, что получилось, немного разочаровало фанатов, но в целом альбом на твёрдую четвёрку.

Behind Crimson Eyes
Behind Crimson Eyes
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1. Addicted2. Fighting For Our Lives3. Armaggeddonouttahere4. Death From Above5. My Love6. Coming Home7. I Never Wanted This8. This Is Who We Are9. Stay With Me10. Miss Heartbreaker

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Roadrunner Records
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