Falling Up - Fangs! (2009)

"The lineup has been reduced, the style has changed, but Falling Up is nevertheless back in action. Their upcoming album, Fangs, is a concept album. It tells a mixed fantasy/sci-fi story of a traveler on a foreign planet, and the music is appropriately ethereal and electronic. There's no question that this band has matured in the last few years. Jessy Ribordy and friends have all but abandoned their original hard alternative rock sound for something much more mellow and reflective. Fangs will mark a big step in a new direction for this band. And it's a good one, too!"

Новый альбом alternative rock группы Falling Up "Fangs!" получился довольно интересным. Во-первых, группа стал легче (хотя куда уже легче после Captiva). Во-вторых, стиль у них не изменился, и это на мой взгляд хорошо. Трудно выделить  хорошие песни из альбома, он довольно ровный и качественный.

Falling Up
Album art: 
Release date: 
320 kbps

1. A Colour Eoptian2. Lotus And The Languorous3. Streams Of Woe At Acheron4. Magician Reversed5. Golden Arrows6. The King's Garden7. Panic And Geo-Primaries8. The Moonn And Sixpence9. Goddess Of The Dayspring, Am I10. The Sidewinder Flux11. The Chilling Alpine Adventure12. Swimming Towards Propellers

Music label: 
BEC Recordings
Albany, Oregon, United States
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