Fog In The Shell - Private South (2009)

Nearly 5 years after "A Secret North", here's the long awaited sophomore
release from the UK's Fog In The Shell. They play "heavy" postrock, with a
mix of Cult Of Luna, Tortoise and Mogwai. As always, be sure to get very high
before you start listening. This record is unbelievably amazing, so pick it
up in a limited edition press of 500 copies.

Fog In The Shell mix different elements such post-metal, post-rock, math and noise, like Isis, Neurosis and Clann Zu, dark atmosphere like My Dying Bride, but in several parts also feels the melancholic by Nick Cave and Black Heart Procession.

Довольно интересный post-rock релиз. Здесь есть вокал, но он не мешает, а только подчёркивает мрачную атмосферу всего альбома в котором смешалось много разных стилей.

Fog In The Shell
Private South
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1. They
2. Transition Is Art
3. Love Is A Taenia
4. Even If
5. Thin Line Vibrations
6. I Hate Euclid

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Paradigms Recordings
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