It Prevails - Capture And Embrace (2009)

In a world saturated with bands playing heavy music just to be "heavy" or fit a mold, It Prevails sets the bar on an entirely differently plain. Influenced by this life's struggles and hardships. Love and pain. Beauty and patience. It Prevails fits no mold, or even genre. But expands on the music they grew up on alone. Bands ranging from Strike
Anywhere and Osker to bands Like Taken and Strongarm. With their brand new album "Capture and Embrace", It Prevails teams up with Rain City records and help from producer Beau Burchell (of Saosin) to create quite possibly one of the most genre bending, focused records this generation has seen in years. Sit back and enjoy the work of five friends doing what they love, with no pretense or filler, "Capture and Embrace" pushes the envelope of heavy music in its purest form.

Новый альбом It Prevails приятно удивил. Музыка стала более мелодична, стало больше чистого вокала, но от этого они ничуть не "опопсели". Прошлый альбом был хороший, а этот взял ещё более высокую планку.

It Prevails
Capture And Embrace (2009)
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1. Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow2. Brothers to The Flame3. Refusing to Live Under The Tyranny of Others4. The Greatest Reward5. Trial and Tribulation6. About Failing7. Defenses Down8. 11_119. A Martyr's Journey10 Capture and Embrace

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Rain City Records
Portland/Denver/Sacramento, Oregon, United States
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