...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - The Century of Self (2009)

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"‘The Century of Self’ is an album with an accomplished sense of completion – a rolling score of disparate tracks segueing into a focused, poignant collective. And for all its scintillating, visceral energy, it’s an album that remains poised and impending, balanced by majestic composition and a patient anticipation for demolishing everything it builds."

После World Apart 2005 года и So Divided 2006 года я не сомневаюсь в качестве исполнения и подачи этого альбома. Обязательно стоит прослушать эту запись.

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The Century of Self
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1. Giants Causeway
2. Far Pavillions
3. Isis Unveiled
4. Halcyon Days
5. Bells of Creation
6. Fields of Coal
7. Inland Sea
8. Luna Park
9. Pictures of an Only Child
10. Insatiable One
11. Ascending
12. An August Theme
13. Insatiable Two

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Justice Records, Richter Scale Records
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